Singapore migration to new anti ddos networks

Phil Hosting Networks is going to start the migration to our new partner in Singapore. As announced our current partner does not have the capacity to protect you against any ddos attack. Now we cooperated with Path network, we can safely say that no DDOS is too big for us. During the day we will move alle existing Hybrid VPS and dedicated ... weiterlesen »

22. Jun 2022
New servers in Singapore with Anti DDOS

Today we have released our new 10Gbit VPS line-up in Singapore! No more data limits, and upto a 10Gbit unlimited upload speed. Whats new for these servers? - Watercooled AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU - Located in the Equinix SG1 datacenter - 20Tb/s of DDOS mitigation capacity of Path networks These servers has the best of the best DDOS ... weiterlesen »

16. Jun 2022
Server Update Firewall

Today we have applied an update on all firewall clusters to prevent a new type of spoof attack for ragnarok servers.

If you have any issues please let us know in create-support-ticket 

30. Mai 2022
Server Maintenance AMD Ryzen 5900X

There is currently an outage on Hybrid node SGP-H32 in Singapore. ETA is 10 minutes.

4. Mai 2022
Web Hosting Maintenance

Announcement today (October 22nd) we need to perform some maintenance on our server R246 which hosts your account Web Hosting - Start-Up (

This should require about 60 minutes to complete. We will start at 17:00 UTC. - PM time : 1:00AM  +8GMT

Please monitor our status page at for updates at

22. Okt 2021
Network Emergeny Maintenance

Network and racks:: VIN/DC: We will do a maintenance on our routers on VIN DC to improve our routing. Maintenance is planned for 13/Oct/21 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM ( +8 GMT). No impact expected, device will be isolated before the change.

13. Okt 2021
Network Emergency

Dear Customer,We are notifying you about a new alert as it relates to your account.Event Summary: Singapore Emergency Maintenance - 2021-04-30 We are performing system changes in the Singapore location during the following emergency maintenance window.Start Time: 2021-04-30 19:05:00 UTCEnd Time: 2021-04-30 23:05:00 UTCWe schedule higher ... weiterlesen »

30. Apr 2021
Maintenance Strasbourg incident

we experienced a major incident at our Strasbourg (SBG) site. A fire broke out during the night, affecting many international customers who have data hosted in our Strasbourg datacentres. Our industrial and technical teams took action in an exemplary manner throughout the night, under particularly difficult circumstances. Thankfully there were no ... weiterlesen »

16. Mär 2021
Scheduled Web Hosting Maintenance

We will have a server maintenance tomorrow starting at 08:00 PM GMT +8. This is to expand our RAID array, as well as do routine maintenance on our server (which now has 108 days of uptime). The maintenance is expected to last at least 5 hours, as all the data will have to be moved manually from the old array, and transferred to the new array. ... weiterlesen »

8. Feb 2021
Singapore Scheduled Maintenance - 2021-01-14

Event Type: Network UpgradeWe are performing system changes in the Singapore location during the following scheduled maintenance window.Start Time: 2021-01-14 19:00:00 UTCEnd Time: 2021-01-14 23:00:00 UTCWe schedule higher impact maintenance events during off-peak times to maintain our ideal hosting environment. Our engineers make every effort to ... weiterlesen »

8. Jan 2021