Jun 22nd Singapore migration to new anti ddos networks

Phil Hosting Networks is going to start the migration to our new partner in Singapore. As announced our current partner does not have the capacity to protect you against any ddos attack. Now we cooperated with Path network, we can safely say that no DDOS is too big for us. During the day we will move alle existing Hybrid VPS and dedicated ... Read More »

Jun 16th New servers in Singapore with Anti DDOS

Today we have released our new 10Gbit VPS line-up in Singapore! No more data limits, and upto a 10Gbit unlimited upload speed. Whats new for these servers? - Watercooled AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU - Located in the Equinix SG1 datacenter - 20Tb/s of DDOS mitigation capacity of Path networks These servers has the best of the best DDOS ... Read More »